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Family Based Immigration

Family based immigration is a process for U.S. Citizens and Lawful Permanent Residents to petition for their family members. Please contact Lilian Shea Law Office, LLC to learn more about this process.

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Employment Based Immigration

There are a variety of immigrant and non-immigrant employment based visas and our office has a vast knowledge of the various categories.


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Removal Defense

Lilian Shea Law Office, LLC represents clients in front of Immigration Courts across the United States and vigorously advocates for clients in order to keep them in the United States.

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Lilian Shea Law Office has obtained hundreds of P Visas for internationally recognized athletes, specifically in the international arena of professional polo.


Immigration Attorney in the Denver Area


Lilian Shea Law Office, LLC is a team of experts in Immigration Law issues with more than 20 years of combined experience. We solve our clients’ immigration issues with legal services including Family Petitions, Business Visas, Investors, Athletes, and Removal Defense.

Specialization in Immigration Law

Our experience and vision has kept us focused on the issues pertaining to Immigration Law, which makes us all that more effective in representing our clients.

We pride ourselves in our deep legal knowledge and pursuing your immigration needs.


Lilian Shea Law Office, LLC has a robust team dedicated to the success of our clients. Our thoroughness, passion, and commitment has been proven time and again. We will help you achieve your immigration goals, and are dedicated to seeing your case through.


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