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Immigration is personal to Lilian Shea. She understands it as no citizen of the United States can. But immigration’s so close to her heart that she doesn’t quite grasp the magnitude of the animosity surrounding the issue today.

“I understand immigrants and I understand citizens.” she says. “I understand black and I understand white. I understand the devil and I understand God. It’s upsetting that they keep crossing the border, and it’s upsetting that they don’t respect our laws in America – because I didn’t do it.  I came legally. It would have never crossed my mind to do something illegal to gain something.  On the other hand, you have a choice: You risk your life in the desert or you starve to death because there’s no chance in Mexico.

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… As for Lilian Shea, a recent immigrant from Argentina, she feels a close bond with her pro bono clients because, “I am a foreigner who also struggled in this country. It was hard for me not speaking English and not understanding this culture.”

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Mexicana felicita a la abogada
Lilian Shea, LL.M.
Especialista en inmigracion, por la apertura de su oficina ubicada en:
14383 E. Bellewood Place
Aurora, CO 80015
Tel: 720-870-2525

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